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Industrial Construction
Our electrical company specializes in providing top-notch electrical construction services for the mining industry. With a team of highly skilled professionals, we ensure that our clients' electrical needs are met with the utmost quality and safety standards. From designing and installing electrical systems to maintaining and repairing them, we have the expertise and experience to handle all types of electrical projects in mining. We understand the critical nature of electrical systems in mining and offer proactive maintenance support to minimize downtime and maximize productivity. Our commitment to safety, efficiency, and quality has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner for electrical construction and maintenance in the mining industry.

Our industrial electrical contractor excels in servicing the Canadian mining industry, offering comprehensive solutions that power efficiency and safety. Specializing in electrical installations, maintenance, and upgrades, our team ensures seamless operations for mining facilities. We deploy cutting-edge technologies to design and implement robust power distribution systems, lighting solutions, and control panels, optimizing productivity while adhering to stringent safety standards. From substations to conveyor systems, we tailor our services to meet the unique demands of the mining sector. Our commitment to reliability and innovation positions us as a trusted partner, supporting the Canadian mining industry in its pursuit of sustainable and efficient electrical solutions.

electrical contractors penticton

Commercial installations with our knowledgeable team to make your project run smoothly. Goldco Energy Inc. stays up to date on current building codes to ensure your installation meets the requirements of your municipality. 


Penticton electrical upgrade to 200 amp service

Building from the ground up? New construction is the safest and most convenient way to install what you need from the ground up. We will consult with you about what your needs are and work with you along the way.


mining and  remote support

Need some help? Goldco Energy can help you when your in need of some temporary man power. Our team is experienced with a remote work setting, camp lifestyle, rotation work, site safety protocols and procedures and up to date certifications of fall arrest, awp training and confined space. 


high voltage installations and service as well as stress cone installation

Goldco Energy has provided customers with quality installations for high voltage installations. Heat shrink and cold shrink stress cone installations, high voltage VLF testing and cable installations are a few of the high voltage services we offer. 


home panel upgrade and safety inspections

Electrical upgrades specifically in the Penticton and surrounding areas are likely to be installed underground in an effort to minimize overhead lines throughout the city. Goldco Energy offers affordable, efficient and hassle free 200 amp residential panel upgrades that increase your homes safety and value. 


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